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Student Resource Services provides confidential and professional guidance for any concern that may affect you personally or your performance at school.  No one leaves their problems at the door when they arrive at school.  So Student Resource Services is here to assist you when problems or concerns arise.

What are some of the common reasons that students visit our website or call our toll-free phone number?

  • Stress from school, home or job
  • Worries about not having enough money
  • Relationship issues with a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or parents
  • Drug or alcohol problems that affect you or a loved one
  • Worried about children, or finding a good child care
  • Test anxiety, time management
  • Housing or roommate problems

No problem is too large or too small.

A counselor can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day, every single day, including holidays and weekends. The services have been provided by your school, so there is no cost to you when you need assistance.

Student Resource Services is able to provide assistance to students who need it most.  Each situation and student is unique, and we work with each student to develop an individual plan.  When a student calls Student Resource Services, they connect with a licensed counselor who will identify options to help achieve their goals.  As part of the plan for success, we may connect a student with:

  • Short-term counseling *
  • Financial specialists *
  • Legal consultations *
  • Resources to assist with daily needs from housing to food, located in your community and local area *

* All services may not be available for your campus.  Please call to learn more about what support is available to help you.

Success Stories

Ann's Experience

Ann called SRS seeking affordable daycare setting for her son. Ann wanted her son to have the opportunity for socialization with other children and was also concerned because there were times when her husband was not available to watch their son when she was at school.   The SRS counselor talked to Ann about her needs and followed up with a variety of options that we verified that could meet Ann’s request. The counselor followed up with Ann, who shared that she called the options available and one of the places was a perfect fit.   Her child now has daycare 2 days a week.   Ann expressed gratitude to counselor for helping her find for her family and allowed her to be less stressed while attending school. 

Alisha's Experience                       

Alisha had just started school and originally planned for her cousin to take care of her son while she was in school.  Alisha had just learned that her cousin had gotten a new job and would start in a couple of weeks.  She was very excited for her cousin, but did not know what she was going to do about childcare for her son.  Alisha was worried that her only option might be to quit school.

In understanding Alisha’s situation we found a couple of childcare options that would fit her needs.  Alisha reached out to the local childcare centers and found one that worked for her.  Upon follow up Alisha shared, “Thank you. I went to the daycare this morning and filled out the application and turned it in. They said for me to call Monday to see when my son can start.”


 Student Resource  Services

24/7 - Confidential Support

College 101

Dear College 101:

I can’t concentrate in class.  My grades are suffering. There are so many other things I need to deal with – my son, my job, and my utility bill that is behind, just to name a few.  I don’t even know where to start. 




Dear Unfocused:

It can be difficult to stay focused with so many different things going on in your life.  Student Resource Services is here to assist you with a variety of frustrations you may be dealing with outside the classroom.  Reach us at 1-866-640-4777 to talk through them and develop an action plan.  There are a few tips we can recommend to help stay focused in class:

  • Arrive Early: Give yourself a few minutes to get settled into your desk or work station.  Open your notes from the last class and re-read any relevant information.
  • Make a List: Take a few minutes before class to write down all the things that are distracting and stressful.  Tell yourself you will get back to all of these things later.
  • Take 10: If you find your mind wandering, look at the clock.  Commit to focusing for 10 minutes on the instructor up front.  This will help train your brain to focus on the present.
  • Think Positively: Tell yourself you can do it!  You have already gotten rid of negative thoughts and made your list of distractions to deal with afterwards.  Use positive pep talk phrases like “I will focus in class so that I will do well on the exam” and “I can learn this material!”

Don’t let a rock in the road keep you from achieving your goals!  Call Student Resource Services at 1-866-640-4777.

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"The services is invaluable.  SRS helped me find a counselor and housing.  I don't know what I would have done without it - I am not from the area, and SRS has really made a difference in my life."

"When I called Student Resource Services, I didn't think things would turn out as well as they did.  Now that my issue is behind me, I am able to focus on school and my long-term goals."

"I was anxious and depressed dealing with my parents' declining health, being unemployed, and being a student for the first time in decades.  SRS helped me start exercising, offered me options to get more support, and even helped me find work."


"One of our students stopped by my office to notify me that she was dropping out of school. The student was very upset, she had become homeless and had no way of refilling her medication.  After our conversation, I referred and connected her to SRS.  The SRS counselor provided her with information on housing and local medical centers.  A few days later, the counselor followed up to check on her progress.  I am happy to report that this student just started her externship.  Without the support of SRS, I am not sure the student would have made it this far."